Resume John M Turner

Career Highlights

October '06 - Present Dallas, Texas
Director of Network Services and Software Engineering


SMAART Medical Systems (SMAART) is a medical technology company serving the diagnostic imaging community in healthcare. SMAART is a manufacturer of their own PACS and RIS solutions, they are not a re-seller. SMAART currently serves healthcare sites in 24 states around the country. SMAART offers affordable digital imaging technology to hospitals, clinics, imaging centers, medical centers, surgery centers and specialty physician practices. SMAART maintains a 99.999% system uptime with their customer sites.

Key accomplishments:

  • Developed SMAART-RIS (Radiology Information System) allowing hospitals to go digital with patient folders, order creation and manipulation while helping the hospitals towards the new US regulated meaningful use requirements.
  • Developed HL7 interfaces, the health industry standard framework, for inter system communications with industry leaders.
  • Developed, created and implemented the SMAART Disaster recovery service safeguarding over 30 terabytes of data.
  • Developed PACS (Picture Archive Communication System) compression allowing SMAART-PACS to compress the archive without loss, cutting material costs by over 50 percent.
  • Managing and defending SMAART's secure network of over 100 facilities, utilizing high availability network equipment and servers.
  • Oversee and administer all SMAART Medical's Windows and Linux PACS servers, supervising both operating systems as well as PACS applications.
  • Identify, propose and implement risk analysis procedures for hospitals' confidential medical data.
  • Ensure highest possible service availability for our customers while individualizing each customers unique needs.
December '04 - October '06 Dallas, Texas
Senior Software Engineer 


Exceleron Software, Inc. develops hosted customer relationship management applications to telecommunication and electric service providers. The company offers Prepaid Account Management System, a Web based application that is used to setup and manage prepaid accounts, as well as post payments by the electric service providers. It also offers order management, payment processing and payment processing integration, account management, notification, and Web-based and interactive voice response customer interface services. It also provides support services, including implementation, documentation, and training. Exceleron Software, Inc. was incorporated in 1999 and is based in Dallas, Texas.

Key accomplishments:

  • Create the formula used to predict power consumption of the PAMS (Prepaid Account Management System) electric users. Allowing power companies to know with a high level of accuracy how much money an end user should deposit into their account.
  • Developed a carrier grade voicemail system allowing carriers to outsource their business and residential voicemail platforms increasing the carriers' profit margins.
  • Developed prepaid power and telecommunication IVRs (Interactive Voice Response) allowing customers to check balances and process payments.
  • Manage multiple global teams in web application and server process development.
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